Network activities


Network activities 2019

Fortress Town Germersheim (DE): 3rd symposium on the extension of fortress cooperation on the Upper Rhine

This year's symposium focused on the cross-border cooperation of the fortress monuments on the Upper Rhine. First results of the project of the tourism community "Vis-á-Vis" (Baden-Alsace-Palatinate) were presented for the development of regional tourist modules for fortified monuments and an accompanying research project of the University of Karlsruhe.

The project results can be used to create reliable offers for cross-border fortress tourism in the region and, in conjunction with the European cultural route FORTE CULTURA®, beyond.

Also presented and intensively discussed were funding programs and project ideas for fortress monuments in the Upper Rhine region.

The symposium was attended by representatives of 10 fortress monuments on both sides of the Upper Rhine, as well as representatives of the PAMINA region, the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and Southern Palatinate tourism. In the evening, the 10th Germersheim Fortress Festival was ceremoniously opened, with many thousands of guests, re-enactment groups, artists and actors.

Besancon (FR): Dr.-Ing. Hans-Rudolf Neumann deepens contact with Réseau of the Sites majeures de Vauban

In 2018, Réseau Vauban participated with its 10th anniversary of the recognition of the 12 Vauban network fortresses as a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the European Fortress Summer. What started as a first step towards successful cooperation was temporarily interrupted by the sudden death of Director Ms. Birgit Wallborn in May 2019.

A personal conversation with Ms Julie Mottet, Acting Director of Réseau Vauban, revealed that a continuation of the talks with regard to the potential involvement of the French Fortress Association in the European cultural route FORTE CULTURA® under tourism aspects, could mediate to the Réseau network. Also, due to the upcoming evaluation by the UNESCO, it would be desirable and of great advantage if the board of directors of Réseau Vauban could bring about a positive decision to make the Vauban fortresses overall in other European countries even more attractive to tourists.

Alesia (FR): Roman memorial site expressed interest in FORTE CULTURA®

The conquest of the Gallic city and fortress Alesia in today's Burgundy by Gajus Julius Caesar in the year 52 BC Chr. belongs to one of the most remarkable and sustainable siege conquests in the Roman Empire. Only in the 19th century was it possible to locate and dig out the historic sites under Napoleon III. With the con-struction of an interpretation center and the establishment of a museum park, which also includes the reconstruction of Roman siege works as part of the former 28 km enclosure line, a modern national memorial and adventure site was created a few years ago, which included the historical places represents a highly interesting complex of not only French but European history as a whole.

Due to a visit by Dr.-Ing. Hans-Rudolf Neumann, the director of the facility, Michel Rouger, has meanwhile expressed his interest in participating in FORTE CULTURA®. Further talks are planned later this year.

Fort Konstantin, Koblenz (DE): Workshop „The major fortress system Koblenz in the cultural route FORTE CULTURA®“

Under the leadership of Koblenz's cultural affairs director Dr Margit, Theis-Scholz, the workshop brought together around 20 stakeholders across all departments who dealt with the future of the Koblenz major fortress in connection with the European cultural route FORTE CULTURA®.

The result is the formation of a working group consisting of the departments of Culture, Tourism, Marketing, Business Development, Facility Management, Historic Preservation and Green Space Office as well as the GDKE and the actors in the major fortress system (e.g. historians, funding associations, city archives, etc.). Together, the potentials of the major fortress system Koblenz should be developed and valorised in the medium term.

Königstein, Sachsen (DE): Forum Kulturerbe Elbe-Festungen

How can the 25 historic fortresses along the Elbe help each other out in tourist marketing? This was the central question of a conference that brought together 15 representatives of important Elbe defense facilities from Germany and the Czech Republic at the fortress Königstein. Along the Elbe include: the Czech cultural sites Josefov, Terezin and Hradec Kralove and the German fortresses Königstein, Dresden, Torgau, Wittenberg, Magdeburg, Dömitz, Stade, Glückstadt and Cuxhaven. There are also rare castles with fortress architecture, such as the castles Pardubice, Sonnenstein in Pirna and Hartenfels in Torgau.

As a way to greater competitiveness in the tourism market participants discussed the formation of a common umbrella brand "Heritage Elbe Fortresses" as well as various thematic travel offers of the European cultural route fortress monuments - FORTE CULTURA®. Already in the 2020 season, joint campaigns are to start under the new umbrella brand "Elbe fortresses".

Fortress town Germersheim (DE) Four tour guides awarded with FORTE CULTURA® certificate

Four long-term tour guides of the city of Germersheim have successfully completed the qualification as tour guide with FORTE CULTURA® certificate. Mayor Marcus Schaile presented Brigitte Hoffmann, Kurt Burger, Andreas Baus and Erich Fleischer their certificates.

"I congratulate you warmly and I am delighted that you can now enrich your city and fortress tours with the knowledge of the multifaceted European cultural route. With your support, it is possible to bring the cultural heritage of the fortress monuments and thus the European history more into the public eye", says Mayor Marcus Schaile (2nd from the right).

Algeciras (ES): Workshop FORTE CULTURA® regional cluster Campo de Gibraltar

At the initiative of our member La Línea de la Concepcion (ES), for the first time, representatives of fortified monuments and tourism experts from the Campo de Gibraltar tourism region met on the theme "Development of regional fortress tourism with FORTE CULTURA®".

The conditions and objectives for fortress tourism in the region and first tourist offers and products under the umbrella of FORTE CULTURA® were discussed. The tourist region of southwestern Andalusia has a rich cultural heritage fortified monuments from the Romans to the Moors and until the 20th century.

Giżycko (PL): Giżycko Cultural Center – Fortress Boyen becomes the newest network member

The Boyen fortress was built in 1843 as a Prussian ring fortress in today Giżycko, formerly Lötzen, and was one of the most powerful fortresses Masuria.

With numerous exciting cultural events, open-air stage, gallery and museum, the Boyen Fortress is today a popular destination in the region and now also enriches the European Cultural Route fortified monuments FORTE CULTURA®.

Mainz (DE): Forum Cultural Heritage Fortified Monuments

The conference formed the framework of the General Assembly of the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network. An international audience of over forty fortress experts, tourism experts and marketing specialists learned about the development status of FORTE CULTURA®, the European cultural route fortified monuments, and discussed the marketing of tourist attractions in fortifications.

As the hostess, the city of Mainz at the confluence of the Main and Rhine was represented in detail from Marianne Grosse (Head of Department for Building, Monument Protection and Culture), Philipp Meier (director mainzplus Citymarketing GmbH), Uwe Schreiber und Dr. Rudolf Büllesbach (Initiative Zitadelle Mainz e.V.) with its eventful and exciting 2,000-year fortress history.

Mainz (DE): Annual General Meeting 2019

The General Assembly of the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network elected a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of six experts in the fields of tourism, fortress architecture and history. This marks another milestone on the road to certification as a European Cultural Route of the Council of Europe. Stefano Dominioni, Director of the European Cultural Route Institute and Executive Secretary of the Council of Europe, commended the progress of the network and the cultural route FORTE CULTURA® in a video message to the members.


The International Tourism Exchange Berlin once again provided a good opportunity for exchange with network members and possible cooperation partners for fortress tourism and fortress marketing from all over the world. For example, with the city of Dresden, which promoted offensively its hidden fortress elements under the Brühl's terraces.

Madrid (ES): FORTE CULTURA® at the FITUR 2019

There was a lot of crowds at the Campo de Gibraltar stand during Spain's biggest international travel fair in Madrid.


José Juan Franco Rodríguez, mayor of our network member La Línea de La Concepcíon impressively presented his fortifications in La Línea and the European Cultural Route FORTE CULTURA® with informational materials and a video.

Torgau (DE): Grenadier Battalion of Spiegel e.V. becomes a new member of the network

Torgau is the only, still partially preserved, major fortress system in Saxony. At the heart of the Elbe fortress are the historic old town and the fortified Renaissance castle Hartenfels.


The grenadier battalion Spiegel e.V. with its president Manfred Dauer now represents the city of Torgau in the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network and strengthens the FORTE CULTURA®-cluster "Elbe Fortresses".

Network activities 2018

European Fortress Summer 2018: Review

The European Fortress Summer 2018 came to a close with the Cologne Fortress Days at the end of September. Eighteen fortified monuments from 9 countries have participated in the European Fortress Summer 2018 since their launch in April.


The European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network has now published a booklet that offers a fascinating retrospective look at the common action in the European Year of Cultural Heritage. All fortresses are invited to participate in the European Fortress Summer 2019.

La Línea de la Concepción (ES) becomes first Spanish network member

Mayor José Juan Franco Rodríguez signed the membership documents in mid-October, making his city La Línea de la Concepción the first Spanish network member.


The spanish city is located in the south of the Iberian Peninsula and was founded in the 18th century in response to the conquest of the Gibraltar Peninsula by the British. With several fortifications in an early 18th century defensive line, it was an important bulwark against the UK's threat to Spain. Its fortification character, she maintained through the construction of a bunker line until the Second World War. The membership in FORTE CULTURA brings with it the expectation of better linking historic heritage and tourism developments and implementing them throughout Europe.

Turin (IT): FORTMED 2018 - International conference for modern age fortifications of the Mediterranean coast

In Turin, fortress experts from 19 countries presented their progress and findings in the areas of historical research, building research, geo-referencing, digital heritage, culture and management, and concept development.


FORTE CULTURA® was also present, the European cultural route of fortified monuments attracted much attention as an effective tool for the development and implementation of cultural tourism in fortresses.

Görlitz (DE): 8th Annual Advisory Forum on Cultural Routes

Around 200 participants from over 20 countries met in Görlitz for the annual meeting of the European Institute of Cultural Routes. For the first time representatives of UNESCO and ICOMOS were present to intensify cooperation between World Heritage Sites and Cultural Routes.

FORTE CULTURA presented itself as a candidate for certification by the Cultural Route Institute and made new international contacts at the 2-day event.

Gibraltar (GBZ): Developing expansion of contacts

During a fortification pilot tour of the Iberian Peninsula in September 2018, a visit was also made to the State Tourist Office in Gibraltar. Its director, Nicky Guerrero, was delighted to receive the cultural itinerary documents from the European fortress tourism and fortress marketing network e.V. from Dr. Hans-Rudolf Neumann, co-founder of FORTE CULTURA. Together with the information package, the official invitation to Gibraltar to participate in this European and cross-border cultural route project was handed over. A first contact with Gibraltar came in March 2016 during the International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin and has since been steadily expanded.

City Schwalmstadt (DE): Water Fortress Ziegenhain becomes a new network member

The water fortress Ziegenhain was one of four Hessian land fortresses. On August 16, Mayor Stefan Pinhard solemnly signed the membership certificate of our network in the Museum of Schwalm in the presence of 35 guests.


Represented by Schwalm Touristik e.V., the fortress Ziegenhain is now involved in the development of fortress-specific tourism offers and marketing activities with the cultural route FORTE CULTURA®.

Fortress town Germersheim (DE): 2nd symposium for the extension of fortress cooperation in the German-French border region Upper Rhine

Around 40 experts, tour guides and representatives of fortified monuments gathered in Germersheim at the beginning of July, including fortress cities such as Ulm, Landau (DE), Wissembourg, Strasbourg (FR), Feste Emperor Wilhelm II at Mutzig (FR) and representatives of the fortifications of the 20th century like the Westwall Museum Bad Bergzabern, the Westwall Museum fortification Gerstfeldhöhe and the West fortifications Baden-Württemberg.


The focal point of the conference was 2000 years of fortification history on the Upper Rhine and the intention of transnational touristic valorisation in connection with the European Culture Route of Fortified Monuments FORTE CULTURA®.   Report

European Fortress Summer 2018: Interim conclusion

Since the end of April events have taken place in fascinating European fortresses such as Kronach (DE), Jaca (ES), Brno (CZ), Fredrikstad (NO), Koenigstein, Ulm and Mainz (DE) or Besançon and Neuf Brisach (FR).


By the end of September there will be many more exciting events in the mentioned fortresses, as well as in Daugavpils (LV), Eger (HU), Karlovac (HR), Kostrzyn nad Odra and Gizycko (PL), Coburg, Cologne, Germersheim and Torgau (DE) , The European Fortress Summer declare its message of exciting and fascinating heritage fortress monuments.,   Instagram.

Dubrovnik (HR): „City Walls of Dubrovnik“ becomes first Croatian network member

Dubrovnik is one of the tourist hotspots in Europe. The fortified city attracts millions of visitors every year to the Croatian Adriatic coast. Niko Kapetanić, president of "City Walls of Dubrovnik" of the Society of Friends of Ancient Dubrovnik, has now signed on behalf of the city the membership documents of the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network e.V., thus becoming part of the European cultural route of fortified monuments "FORTE CULTURA".

Trier (DE): European Heritage Day

On the occasion of the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018, the Directorate General for Cultural Heritage Rehinland-Palatinate organized the "European Day for the Preservation of Monuments" in Trier together with the Association of State Monument Preservators.


Frauke Vos-Firnkes, 2nd Deputy Chair of the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network, enriched a podium discussion on the topic "monument networks".

FORTE CULTURA® Balkan-Study tour 2018

Under the direction of the experienced tour operator Dr Neumann, a 7-day FORTE CULTURA® study trip through Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro took place.


The route led to the fortified monuments of Sarajevo, Travnik, Jablanica and Konic, Mostar, Ston, Dubrovnik, Kotor and Podgorica.

Fortress Rosenberg, Kronach (DE): Opening Ceremony of the "European Fortress Summer 2018" in the European Year of Cultural Heritage

On the 24th of April the European Fortress Summer 2018 was ceremoniously opened on the fortress Rosenberg.
Wolfgang Beiergrößlein, Mayor of City Kronach, announced during the ceremony in front of fortress representatives and the press the message:
"What once separated people, will connect them in the future. For a living cultural heritage, fortress monuments in a solidary, democratic and peaceful Europe. We are in!"

The "brave women" of Kronach and the "Cronacher Committee Compagnie 1632" provided the perfect setting.


Currently, 17 fortress sites from 9 countries with more than 25 events are taking part in the Europe-wide joint action, which can be found at and on Instagram.

Fortress Rosenberg, Kronach (DE): General Assembly 2018 with election of the board

The General Assembly of the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network e.V. elected their new executive board at the fortress Rosenberg. Frank Riesbeck (Humboldt University) as President, Hartmut Röder (ECCOFORT e.V.) as 1st Deputy Chairman, Agnieszka Zurawska-Tatala (Kostrzyn nad Odra) as secretary and Dirk Röder (ECCOFORT e.V.) as treasurer were confirmed the board. Frauke Vos-Firnkes (Germersheim) was newly elected as 2nd Deputy Chairwoman.

FORTE CULTURA Theme Week in the European Heritage Year

During the theme week, selected fortresses were featured on the Sharing Heritage Instagram page, including Königstein, Ehrenbreitstein and Kufstein.
As a further contribution to the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018, the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network is currently preparing the joint action "European Fortress Summer 2018".


As part of the International Tourism Fair contacts were made, strategic partnerships, FORTE CULTURA® journey themes and initiated collaborations were discussed.

Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme: Project application Monuments-4-CCI submitted

Under lead management of ECCOFORT as Lead Applicant and contribution by the fortified ideal city Karlovac (HR) as lead partner, the finance application for the project “Monuments-4-CCI, was successfully submitted to the third call of the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme. The project should generate customized solutions for the expansion of the Culture and Creative Industries and strengthens their innovation power, by opening up the architectural cultural heritage as a market and by mobilizing unused potentials. This includes 19 partners from 8 European countries.



Netzwork activities 2017

Karlovac (HR): Agreement to EU project application „Monuments-4-CCI“

ECCOFORT acts as lead applicant for a new project application for the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE programme. “Monuments-4-CCI” is the project title under which 11 partners and 8 associated partner from 8 Central European countries work together in the future, among them network members like the city Ulm and Kostrzyn nad Odra. The fortified ideal city Karlovac in Croatia is lead partner. Agreement meetings for the project application took place in December.

Berlin (DE): Workshop for the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018

2018 is the European Year of Cultural Heritage(ECHY – European Cultural Heritage Year), which is coordinated in Germany via the office of the German Committee for Monument Protection. “Sharing Heritage” is the slogan and the name of the connected web platform.

ECCOFORT representatively collected information about the possibilities of participation in the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Especially the high international attention is a good chance for placing the cultural heritage fortified monuments and the culture route FORTE CULTURA. Events and actions with transnational effects can be submitted and ECCOFORT operates coordinating for our network and beyond.

Bolzano (IT): Conference „The medieval ways of the Empire“

Dirk Röder presents the European culture route fortified monuments FORTE CULTURA, as an exemplary instrument of valuing the historic cultural heritage. The conference was sponsored by the European region Euregio Tirol-Südtirol-Trentino in order to initiate a regional cultural way “The medieval way of the Empire”.

Berlin (DE): EFFORTS founding conference

International representatives of fortified monuments and groups of interest met the citadel Spandau to found the network “EFFORTS – European Federation of Fortified Sites”. The initiative goes back to the former EU project ATFORT in the Western European sponsor area. ECCOFORT participated proactively in the EFFORTS founding conference and declared its membership during the founding ceremony.

Both networks, the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network and EFFORTS, follow similar goals to strengthen the meaningful cultural heritage fortified monuments. A close cooperation is therefore natural.

Berlin (DE): Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programme, conference for the 20th anniversary

The two days anniversary conference was also the start of the third call for project applications in the ongoing sponsoring period until 2020 and the start of a row of information workshops for applicants. ECCOFORT took part as the representative of FORTS-2-MARKET in Berlin and in another workshop in the beginning of November in Prague, also to prepare the project application.

Königstein (DE): Fortress Königstein (Saxony) joins network

The fortress Königstein belongs to the most outstanding fortified monuments of Europe. For a bigger presence on the market and in order to deepen the cooperation with European fortified monuments, especially along the Elbe, the fortress Königstein joins the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network e.V. and become part of the European Culture Route Fortified Monuments “FORTE CULUTRA”.

This way the fortress Königstein will be leadingly support the development of a sub brand “Elbe fortifications” which includes, among others, important fortifications like Dömitz, Terezin or Josefov.

Novi Sad (RS): Seminar Restauration, maintenance and marketing of fortresses - a national task as part of the European development

Experts from Serbia, Germany, Croatia, Switzerland and Turkey met on fortress Petrovaradin to discuss transnational cooperation on maintenance and marketing of fortresses in the Danube area.

FORTE CULTURA and the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network were presented in detail in three lectures and one image movie.

The 50 participants, among them representatives of ICOMOS, ICOFORT and Europa Nostra, discusses possible ways to value the cultural heritage fortified monuments sustainably in the Danube area.

FORTE CULTURA® study tour Serbia successfully finished

Fortification experts from Germany and Switzerland visited fortified monuments in Serbia and Croatia on a one-week tour lead by Dr. Hans-Rudolf Neumann.

Ulm (DE): City Ulm/ Neu-Ulm becomes network member, start at the German Donau

On occasion of the 8th fortress day the culture mayor Iris Mann signed the admittance certificate for the city Ulm/Neu-Ulm to our fortress network on the citadel Wilhelmsburg.

After the major fortification Mainz, Ulm is the second fortress of the German Bund, that wants to generate new impulses for fortress tourism and fortress marketing with international cooperation. The Ulm/Neu-Ulm Touristik GmbH will be responsible for the organization of the cooperation.

Koblenz (DE): City Koblenz strengthens the FORTE CULTURA cluster „Fortified Heritage Rhine-Main-Mosel“ as new member

On 1st of June 2017 Bert Flöck, buildings department Koblenz, officially announces the entry to the network and signed the admission declaration. The city will be represented in the network by the municipal enterprise Grünflächen- und Bestattungswesen.

Besides the fortress Ehrenbreitstein (GDKE), now the other fortified monuments of the city will be included into the culture route FORTE CULTURA and into the fortress marketing under the uniform brand “major fortification Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein”. The joint development of travel recommendations for the culture route has already begun. This focusses on culture and active touristic offers.

L'Association des Amis de la Ligne Maginot d'Alsace (The Association of friends of the Maginot Line in Alsace) becomes first French network member.

The association “Friends of the Maginot Line in Alsace” belongs to the active organizations that preserve and care for the fortified heritage of the 20th Century. Today they have the important function to work off the history and to clarify and inform about the consequences of war and destruction.

The association manages among others the Fort Schoenenbourg and the entrenchment Etsch, which belong the fortifications of the Maginot Line. With the entry into the network it connects a larger range via the culture route FORTE CULTURA and the networking with other locations about memory culture of the 20th Century.

Germersheim (DE): Fortress meeting „new chances for fortress tourism, fortress marketing and fortress cooperation in the region Oberrhein“

As part of the fortress meeting the fortified city Germersheim officially declared its membership of the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network e.V.. This way the city Germersheim wants to further qualify their touristic offers and reach an international market. At the same time they are eagerly interested in expanding the cooperation with other fortified cities and fortified monuments in the Franco-German border area of the region Oberrhein, to develop touristic offers together and to present them with FORTE CULTURA on the tourism market.


Netzwork activities 2016

Mainz (DE): Workshop Fortress tourism, fortress marketing, fortress cooperation in the region Rhine-Main-Mosel

Representatives of the fortified monuments of Mainz, Koblenz, Luxembourg, Germersheim, Rüsselsheim, Wesel, Büdingen and Trier-Pfalz took part in this workshop. They confirmed their interest in the closer cooperation to promote the fortress tourism in the region Rhine-Main-Mosel in relationship to the European Culture Route Fortified Monuments FORTE CULTURA.

Mainz (DE): Network talk about FORTE CULTURA implementation in the city of Mainz

As part of the membership of the city Mainz the local actors discussed the fortified heritage of the city Mainz, in order to develop the implementation of the European Culture Route FORTE CULTURA on one side and to promote an effective cooperation within the fortified city Mainz on the other side.

Arad (RO): Meeting of the „My European City Project”

Erika Farkas presented to 67 participants from 7 countries the European Culture Route of Fortified Monuments FORTE CULTURA® and the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network. Parallel begans a dialogue about cooperations and projects with the city Arad (RO) and its big fortress.

Traben-Trarbach (DE): Information meeting for fortified monuments of the Mosel Region

Together with the city Traben-Trarbach the Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network organized an information meeting for the further expansion of cooperations in the Rhein-Main-Mosel-Region.
The excellent possibilities of marketing with the brand FORTE CULTURA® were explained to regional tourism experts and representatives of fortified monuments in the Mosel Region at the example of the Vauban fortress Mont Royal in Traben-Trarbach.

FORTE CULTURA® on contact tour in Belgium, Luxembourg and Mosel Region Germany

At this tour took place discussions for cooperations with the Belgium Fortress Network "Simon Stevin" in Antwerp and with the mayor of fortified city Diest.


In Luxembourg FORTE CULTURA representatives meets the management of the "Museum Dräi Eechelen" in the Fort Thüngen and discussed about the possibilities for cooperations.


The fortified city Pfalzel (today district of city Trier) expressed high interest at a membership in the Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network with FORTE CULTURA.

Koblenz (DE): The Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage Rhineland Palatinate got officially a network member.

General Director Thomas Metz signs for the membership in the presence of the directors Dr. Kaiser-Lahme and Dr. Stuhlmacher.

Berlin (DE): FORTE CULTURA® at the ITB 2016

ITB is "The World's Leading Travel Trade Show®". Forts-2-Market used this fair to make contacts, discussion of partnerships and initiation of collaborations, among others at the booth of Gibraltar, Romania, Poland and Belgium. The focus was on contacts with tour operators who want to implement the various travel topics of FORTE CULTURA®.

Mainz (DE): Fortified town joins the network

The city of Mainz, represented by the Mainz plus CITY MARKETING GmbH, got officially a member of the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network reg.ass.. The public signature was completed as part of a fortress meeting at which appeared numerous representatives of fortress monuments from the Rhine-Main-Mosel area, to learn about the opportunities for network members and the European Culture Route FORTE CULTURA®.




Network activities 2015

Komarom (HUN): FORTE CULTURA® on F³ Conference

Erika Farkas, Fort Monostor, organized the Fortress conference "future for forts (f³) in Komarom. Program content was the valorisation of fortified heritage in Central Europe. Together with Dr. Neumann and Dirk Röder she introduced the participants from Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia and the Czech Republic about the opportunities for tourist valorization with the European Culture Route FORTE CULTURA®. New collaborations in the Southeast European region was established.

Dömitz (DE): Fortress experts gets to know FORTE CULTURA®

The museum Fortress Dömitz and the Historical Institute of the University of Rostock invites to the "Day of Country's History" in the Fortress Dömitz. Dirk Röder referenced for integration of Fortress Dömitz in the European Culture Route FORTE CULTURA® and the development of the regional cooperation "Elbe fortresses".

Northern Italy: 14-day study trip FORTE CULTURA®

A FORTE CULTURA® study trip takes 25 participants to Verona and the fortifications on Lake Garda.


Namur (BEL): FORTE CULTURA® conference in Belgian Fortress Town

On the initiative of Forts-2-Market the Tourism Federation of the Province of Namur invites to a multi-day fortress conference to present the European Culture Route FORTE CULTURA® and to establish collaborations in fortress tourism and fortress marketing. Representatives of historical fortified monuments from Dinant, Philippeville, Namur, Fernelmont, Breendonk, Veves, Corroy le Chateau. Lavaux-Sainte-Anne and even Torun (PL) accepted the invitation.


Erfurt (DE): FORTE CULTURA® at Scientific Colloquium

AOn the occasion of the Scientific Colloquium on the Citadel Petersberg in Erfurt, Dr. Neumann presents the European Culture Route FORTE CULTURA® to a broad audience. Under the headline "Perspectives of Erfurt's and Thuringia's fortified heritage in the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network". He emphasizes the importance of the network and the culture route and promotes regional cooperation and product development.



As part of the International Tourism Fair contacts were made, strategic partnerships, FORTE CULTURA® journey themes and initiated collaborations were discussed.


India: FORTE CULTURA® study tour

As part of a study trip on the fortification legacy in India, Dr. Neumann presents the European Culture Route and the network to an international audience.




Network activities 2014

Kostrzyn nad Odra (PL): Final Conference EU project FORTE CULTURA

The partners of the Central European project FORTE CULTURA founded on 24th November 2014 the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network reg.ass. and selected the board. Seat of the association according to German law is Berlin. Dr. A. Kunt, Mayor of City Kostrzyn nad Odra, was appointed as Honorary President.

Helsinki (FIN): FORTE CULTURA presents at AT FORT

Dirk Röder presents FORTE CULTURA® in the final conference of the West European funded project AT FORT to fortress representatives from Finland, Hungary, Germany, Great Britain, Lithuania, Poland, Malta, Slovenia, Spain, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Central European funded project FORTE CULTURA 2012-2014

As part of the Central European funded project FORTE CULTURA the basics for the European Cultural Route FORTE CULTURA® was created and promoted international cooperation in fortress tourism and fortress marketing. Information about the project results are available at and