The European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network reg.ass. was founded in Kostrzyn nad Odra / PL on 24th November 2014. It is a result of the project “FORTE CULTURA”, which is supported by the European Union as part of the CENTRAL EUROPEAN PROGRAMME, that 13 organizations from 8 countries are part of.


You can find more information on that on:

- the project

- the webseite of the CENTRAL EUROPEAN Programme


The network is a registered association under the German law of associations and a non-government organization. It is open to corporations (fortress organizations, communes and experts), which want to support the fortress tourism and fortress marketing.


Founding members are among others the Fortress City Kostrzyn nad Odra (PL), the European Cooperation Centre of Fortified Heritage e.V -ECCOFORT- Berlin (DE), the Fortress City Kronach (DE), the Fortress Region Lviv (UA), the Fortified Ideal City Josefov (CZ), the fortress organization Fort Monostor Komarom (HU), experts of the Humboldt-University Berlin (DE) and the Thuringian Institute for Advanced Studies and Education (DE).



Management board


Chairperson of the board


Dr. Frank Riesbeck, Humboldt-University at Berlin (DE)

1. Deputy Chairman

Hartmut Röder, ECCOFORT reg.ass, Berlin (DE)

2. Deputy Chairman

Frauke Vos-Firnkes, Fortress city Germersheim (DE)


Dirk Röder, ECCOFORT reg.ass, Berlin (DE)


Agnieszka Zurawska-Tatala, Fortress city Kostrzyn n.O. (PL)


Honorary president of network is Dr. Andrzej Kunt., mayor of City Kostrzyn nad Odra (PL).


For goals and functions of the network please refer to the currently valid charter.