Cultural heritage fortified monuments
in the Upper Rhine region



The history of fortress construction on the Upper Rhine stretches from simple wooden fortifications and earth walls that are thousands of years old, to Roman forts and the Limes, to medieval castles and city walls. The upcoming of firearms led to completely new fortification elements for castles, palaces and cities. New, powerful fortress cities and fortress systems emerged and have been steadily strengthened and expanded, especially over the past 350 years.


On initiative of the fortress town of Germersheim, accompanied by FORTE CULTURA, the Eurodistrict PAMINA and the Touristik-Gemeinschaft Baden-Elsass-Pfalz e.V. (Vis-à-Vis), a fortress community has been created as part of a cross-border project that currently includes 30 fortified monuments and museums on both sides of the Franco-German Border.


We present the 30 individual sites in our FORTE CULTURA fortress portrait on the fortress partners on the Upper Rhine. In addition, we offer you detailed fortress portraits of our FORTE CULTURA stations on the Upper Rhine:

- Fortress Town Germersheim, DE
- Fort Schoenenbourg, FR
- Four-á-Chaux, Lembach (Maginot Linie), FR
- Haguenau, Abri de Hatten (Maginot Linie), FR
- Museum of Military History Rastatt, DE
- Regional network "Fortresses and military history on the Upper Rhine 1870-1999", DE-FR


Press conference of 15th April 2021 (de-fr)
inclusive expert lecture on the fortress heritage of the last 350 years in the Upper Rhine region


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European Fortress Summer 2018 in the Fortress Germersheim