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Network activities 2021

Newsletter December 2021

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The newsletter provides compact and clear information on important developments in our networking, new marketing tools and upcoming dates.

Fortress Königstein, Saxony (DE): FORTE CULTURA General Assembly 2021

29 members and guests from 7 countries met for the FORTE CULTURA General Assembly 2021 at the Fortress Königstein (Saxony). Under the chairmanship of Dirk Röder, the Board and the Scientific Advisory Board presented a highly impressive performance report on the activities and results of the last 15 months. Highlights were the positive network development, project developments and the extensive workshop and conference programme I cooperation with EFFORTS.

In the subsequent elections, Frank Riesbeck (DE) was re-elected as President, Frauke Vos-Firnkes (DE) as Vice President, Dirk Röder (DE) as Vice President Finance and Agnieszka Zurawska-Tatala (PL) as Vice President Communications. New additions were Huibert Crijns (NL) as Vice-President Cultural Heritage and Filippo Cailotto (IT) as Associate Alps Adriatic. Hartmut Röder (DE) did not stand for re-election. Due to his great merits for FORTE CULTURA, the General Assembly appointed him Honorary Member.

The Scientific Advisory Board was also elected. Prof. Dr. Teresa Colletta (IT), Ass. Prof. Dr. Nataša Urošević (HR), Ass. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marcin Gorski (PL) and Dipl.-Ing. Volker K. Pachauer (AT). Dr. Alexander Jordan (DE) and Dr. Juan Antonio Mira Rico (ES) were newly added. Further information

Bergen op Zoom (NL): Workshop “Forts Unchained”

In Bergen op Zoom, EFFORTS, the Liberation Route Europe and FORTE CULTURA ame together to discuss the role of fortresses in the Second World War. Often fortresses were used as concentration camps and prisons during the Second World War or were the scene of heavy warfare. Many of these sites are now monuments and offer exhibitions to commemorate and remember this period.


Due to their orientation, both cultural routes can reflect on this topic together. The project approach discussed is intended to work on the important topic across networks and cultural routes and to implement it in tourism. Fortresses with a corresponding history are called upon to participate in the project call.


Within the framework of the Interreg - IPA CBC project FORTITUDE, an expert workshop on the topic of Heritage and Promotion took place in October in the Fortified Ideal City Karlovac under the direction of Dirk Röder and Rafael Deroo. Project partners are the Cultural Fortress of Sibenik, the Fortified Ideal City of Karlovac (both HR), the Fortress City of Herceg Novi (BA) and the City of Banja Luka (ME). The 2-day workshop addressed issues related to the management and sustainable use of fortified monuments, digitalisation and digital marketing for fortresses, and the development of fortress tourism using the example of the Fortified Ideal City of Karlovac and the Dubovac Castle.

Dömitz (DE): Warsaw University of Technology study project on Dömitz Fortress

Under the title "Reintegration, redevelopment and upgrading of the tourist functions of Dömitz Fortress", students from the Warsaw University of Technology visited Dömitz Fortress at the beginning of the winter semester. In a 4-day survey, all areas of the fortress and former fortified ideal city were examined in order to develop concepts and proposals for solutions over the winter. A renovation backlog due to lack of funding recently led to the closure of fortress areas in Dömitz. The study project was initiated by FORTE CULTURA and is led by Marcin Gorski (Warsaw University of Technology and member of the FORTE CULTURA Scientific Advisory Board).

's-Hertogenbosch (NL): Fortified city with citadel becomes first FORTE CULTURA station in the Netherlands

The fortified city of 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch for short) is the capital of the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant and has an extraordinary fortified heritage with its city walls and citadel. Den Bosch also takes an extremely innovative approach to it, which can be seen in the visitor center in the Bulwark Sankt Johann, a multistorey car park integrated into the fortifications, or in the digital Den Bosch Time Machine project. The city is also a founding member of EFFORTS and has supported the cultural heritage of fortified monuments in Europe for many years. By joining FORTE CULTURA, the city's fortress marketing will be supported and the fortress tourism offers in Den Bosch will be expanded and internationally networked. We are looking forward to the cooperation.

FORTE CULTURA Newsletter September 2021

Latest news, dates and project calls for members and partners
The newsletter provides compact and clear information about important developments in network work, new marketing instruments and upcoming dates.

Four à Chaux, Lembach (FR): New FORTE CULTURA station in Alsace

The Four á Chaux in Lembach is a 20th-century underground fortification of the Maginot Line. Run and staged by the Association des Amis de la Ligne Maginot de Lembach, tens of thousands of visitors marvel at the sprawling site each year. Many exciting features, from the retractable machine gun dome to the Escape Room, make the fort a popular destination in Alsace. We look forward to increased cooperation with President Joseph Haensli and his team, which has already begun successfully within the framework of the Fortress Cooperation Upper Rhine.

Ziegenhain (DE): European Fortress Summer

FORTE CULTURA meets Renew Europe in the fortress and confirmation town of Ziegenhain
The city of Ziegenhain and the EU group Renew Europe took the European Fortress Summer as an occasion for a lively summer festival on the Paradeplatz in the confirmation and fortress city at the end of August. Host Engin Eroglu (MEP) welcomed nearly 200 invited guests, among them Frauke Vos-Firnkes and Dirk Röder from the FORTE CULTURA board. The latter illustrated in his speech the role of fortress monuments for a free and sustainable Europe.

Germersheim (DE): 4th Expert Conference on the Expansion of Fortress Cooperation on the Upper Rhine

The Upper Rhine region is one of the European regions with the most fortified monuments from 2000 years of history. At the latest when the fortress town of Germersheim joined FORTE CULTURA in 2017, a Franco-German cooperation network for fortress tourism was established in the Upper Rhine region. The 4th symposium dealt with the question of how cross-border tourism for the fortified monuments of the Upper Rhine region can be organised in cooperation with the European Cultural Route FORTE CULTURA. The practice-oriented contents provided information on the way as a fortress monument to a booked tourism destination. Concrete travel modules for fortress tourism in the Upper Rhine region were developed in workshop sessions.

Pula (HR) - Berlin (DE): Online conference with 105 registrations from 17 countries

The joint scientific committee FORTE CULTURA / EFFORTS hosted an evaluation conference on "Sustainable valorization of cultural heritage fortress monuments" on May 6, together with the Juraj Dobrila University in Pula (HR). Exciting contributions on best practices from Croatia, Poland, Italy, Montenegro as well as from FORTE CULTURA should help to stimulate transnational discussions and knowledge transfer on important topics for the fortified heritage. The conference showed the high demand for exchange on a European level. It is therefore seen as a prelude, further events are planned and financial support will be solicited. The recording of the conference can be viewed on the FORTE CULTURA YouTube channel.

European Fortress Summer 2021 started with press conference in Upper Rhine Region

On 15 April, the European Fortress Summer 2021 were launched at a press conference in Germersheim.

The campaign developed by FORTE CULTURA in 2018 to market summer events in fortresses will be carried out together with EFFORTS from this year and will be given a new label. The European Fortress Summer includes the "Cultural Summer Elbe Fortresses", the "Fortress Summer Upper Rhine" and many other events and event series. All fortresses (including non-members) are invited to participate. more information

FORTE CULTURA Newsletter April 2021

Latest news, dates and project calls for members and partners
The newsletter provides compact and clear information about important developments in network work, new marketing instruments and upcoming dates.

New Marketing Instruments „Cultural Heritage Fortified Monuments at Upper Rhine“

On initiative of the fortress town of Germersheim, accompanied by the Eurodistrict PAMINA and the Touristik-Gemeinschaft Baden-Elsass-Pfalz e.V. (Vis-à-Vis), FORTE CULTURA has developed a Fortress flyer with map, a stamp pass and a travelling exhibition on behalf of the Upper Rhine Marketing Association.

The marketing tools are now available at the 30 participating fortresses and museums and will accompany the content of the Upper Rhine Fortress Summer from 15 April to 31 October 2021. More information please see in the Upper Rhine section of our website.

New FORTE CULTURA Station(s) at Upper-Rhine (DE-FR)

We welcome the regional fortress group "Fortresses and Military History on the Upper Rhine 1929-1999" with the Bunker Museum Dettenheim, the Bunker Tour Hausach, the Hornisgrinde Bunker, the Camouflage Bunker Neumühl, the Museum Bunker Emilie (all DE) and the Musée Mémorial Walbourg (2MCLADN, FR) as new FORTE CULTURA stations in our network. The fortress group is part of the Franco-German initiative of 30 fortified monuments and museums on the Upper Rhine, which also includes the fortress town of Germersheim and Fort Schoenenbourg.

FORTE CULTURA Newsletter February 2021

Latest news, dates and project calls for members and partners
The newsletter provides compact and clear information about important developments in network work, new marketing instruments and upcoming dates.

Sandomierz (PL): New FORTE CULTURA station at the Vistula

Sandomierz is located on the western bank of the Vistula in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. In the formerly fortified old town with the central town hall square there are buildings from the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods. It is one of the most beautiful and best preserved in Poland. The fortified Casimir Castle from the 14th century sits enthroned in front of the town and guards the small harbor. A bastion in the west of the city, the underground passages and rooms of the old town and the many churches are also exciting.


With the Sandomierz cultural center, FORTE CULTURA has another strong partner from Poland.


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