Family and Kids

Discover history playfully

Round towers with pointed roofs, red-white striped shutters, draw bridges and real canons – fortresses, fortified castles, water castles and palaces are like wonder worlds from a book of fairytales. Many of them staged lovingly and with special offers for youngest.


At the Fortress Königstein (DE), for instance, the grumpy fortress commander and a funny thief await little guests. “Who finds the key to the fortress?” is an adventure game and exciting tour through old ruins. In addition, a special audio guide for kids available.


The good ghosts Willi Bartzilli and Fritzi Dreispitzi haunts in the Fortress Ehrenbreitstein in Coblenz. Staying overnight and experiencing the historic life of a soldier, that's what children can do in the bridgehead of the fortress town of Torgau (DE), supervised by the active association Grenadierbataillon von Spiegel e.V.


The large "Adler- und Wolfspark Kasselburg" near Pelm (DE) offers completely different experiences, which also include parts of the fortified castle. Among other things, wolves, eagles and falcons live here in large, near-natural enclosures and spacious aviaries.


In the exciting fortress island GeoFort in the Netherlands, everything revolves around the earth. Kids can travel back in time with the 4D Globe or 6000 km underground with the elevator. In Fort Góra Gradowa in the fortress city of Gdansk (PL), the Hevelianum offers exciting experiments for kids of all ages.


In the Alp Museum at the fortress Bard (IT), kids can learn how to climb on the top of the Mount-Blanc. In more than nine exhibition rooms, young and curious explorers will comprehend the idea of mountaineering up to an altitude of 4,800 meters.


However, the real highlight for little guests is often a happy children’s birthday party at a fortress, of course with a sweet honour salute right out of the candy canon!


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