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Netzwork activities 2016

Mainz (DE): Workshop Fortress tourism, fortress marketing, fortress cooperation in the region Rhine-Main-Mosel

Representatives of the fortified monuments of Mainz, Koblenz, Luxembourg, Germersheim, Rüsselsheim, Wesel, Büdingen and Trier-Pfalz took part in this workshop. They confirmed their interest in the closer cooperation to promote the fortress tourism in the region Rhine-Main-Mosel in relationship to the European Culture Route Fortified Monuments FORTE CULTURA.

Mainz (DE): Network talk about FORTE CULTURA implementation in the city of Mainz

As part of the membership of the city Mainz the local actors discussed the fortified heritage of the city Mainz, in order to develop the implementation of the European Culture Route FORTE CULTURA on one side and to promote an effective cooperation within the fortified city Mainz on the other side.

Arad (RO): Meeting of the „My European City Project”

Erika Farkas presented to 67 participants from 7 countries the European Culture Route of Fortified Monuments FORTE CULTURA® and the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network. Parallel begans a dialogue about cooperations and projects with the city Arad (RO) and its big fortress.

Traben-Trarbach (DE): Information meeting for fortified monuments of the Mosel Region

Together with the city Traben-Trarbach the Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network organized an information meeting for the further expansion of cooperations in the Rhein-Main-Mosel-Region.
The excellent possibilities of marketing with the brand FORTE CULTURA® were explained to regional tourism experts and representatives of fortified monuments in the Mosel Region at the example of the Vauban fortress Mont Royal in Traben-Trarbach.

FORTE CULTURA® on contact tour in Belgium, Luxembourg and Mosel Region Germany

At this tour took place discussions for cooperations with the Belgium Fortress Network "Simon Stevin" in Antwerp and with the mayor of fortified city Diest.


In Luxembourg FORTE CULTURA representatives meets the management of the "Museum Dräi Eechelen" in the Fort Thüngen and discussed about the possibilities for cooperations.


The fortified city Pfalzel (today district of city Trier) expressed high interest at a membership in the Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network with FORTE CULTURA.

Koblenz (DE): The Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage Rhineland Palatinate got officially a network member.

General Director Thomas Metz signs for the membership in the presence of the directors Dr. Kaiser-Lahme and Dr. Stuhlmacher.

Berlin (DE): FORTE CULTURA® at the ITB 2016

ITB is "The World's Leading Travel Trade Show®". Forts-2-Market used this fair to make contacts, discussion of partnerships and initiation of collaborations, among others at the booth of Gibraltar, Romania, Poland and Belgium. The focus was on contacts with tour operators who want to implement the various travel topics of FORTE CULTURA®.

Mainz (DE): Fortified town joins the network

The city of Mainz, represented by the Mainz plus CITY MARKETING GmbH, got officially a member of the European Fortress Tourism and Fortress Marketing Network reg.ass.. The public signature was completed as part of a fortress meeting at which appeared numerous representatives of fortress monuments from the Rhine-Main-Mosel area, to learn about the opportunities for network members and the European Culture Route FORTE CULTURA®.



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