Newsletter February 2021


FORTE CULTURA e.V. achieved non-profit status

The Berlin tax office officially grants FORTE CULTURA e.V. the non-profit status after intensive coordination. For this, the statutes had to be modified again (download). For us, this results in new funding options with better conditions, as well as the possibility of raising foundation funds and donations. This completes another important component of our network development.

Network partnership with Liberation Route Europe

Fortresses and World War II have some points of contact. Many fortresses were the scene of acts of war or were used as prisons and concentration camps. In order to deepen this topic, a letter of intent was signed between Liberation Route Europe and EFFORTS / FORTE CULTURA on January 22nd.

New FORTE CULTURA station in Sandomierz (PL)

We welcome the Sandomierz Cultural Center as a new member and an interesting stop on our fortress route. Sandomierz is a formerly fortified city on the Vistula and also has a fortified castle from the 14th century.


Call for project partner

The city of Verona is looking for partners for a European festival project in cooperation with FORTE CULTURA e.V. We are looking for fortress cities as festival locations 2022-23. The project is funded with up to 50%, further information can be obtained from the network office.


Date March 2021


Research partner wanted!

EFFORTS / FORTE CULTURA are looking for experts and university institutions to participate in the Fortress Heritage Impact Study (FHIS).
The study is intended to examine the socio-economic effects of fortresses on cities and regions; the network office can provide further information.


Date March 2021

FORTE CULTURA Cluster "Fortresses in World War II"

For the development of the cooperation with the Liberation Route Europe, FORTE CULTURA e.V. is looking for fortified monuments that would like to develop tourist offers for both cultural routes as a thematic cluster. The effects to be expected are obvious; further information can be obtained from the network office.

New edition of marketing initiative "European fortress summer" in 2021

From April to October, event highlights of our partner fortresses will be marketed separately as part of the European Fortress Summer 2021. At the forefront are the FORTE CULTURA fortress regions of the Elbe Fortresses and Upper Rhine, each of which is implementing its own extensive regional marketing programs for the fortress summer. Check your participation, further information can be obtained from the network office.


New flyer for the Elbe fortresses with high press coverage

The new FORTE CULTURA flyer “Cultural Ribbon of Fortified Monuments on the Elbe” is currently being positively reflected in many daily newspapers along the Elbe. The flyer was developed and financed in cross-border cooperation by 9 Elbe fortresses, a very good example for other fortress regions as well.

FORTE CULTURA in Social Medias

Our network has had social media accounts since September on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Our series "Fortress of the Week" presents until February all FORTE CULTURA stations.


Certification program for Tour Guides

FORTE CULTURA guides offer very special insights into the fascinating fortress worlds on our cultural route. Whether in historical costumes, on underground paths or with exclusive content, the tours with certified guides are always an experience.
You too can qualify as a tour guide with a FORTE CULTURA certificate.



Safe the date:
Fortress conference in Terezin (CZ) postponed again

The fortified ideal city of Terezín (CZ), the fortress Königstein (Saxony) and FORTE CULTURA e.V. are hosting an international fortress conference in Terezín as part of a cross-border funding project. From 8.-10. June 2021 you can expect an exciting specialist program as part of the cultural summer Elbe Fortresses 2021.

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Further dates to keep in mind for the first half of 2021

  • March 17, Germersheim, Upper Rhine: Press conference for the presentation of the new fortress flyer and for the Upper Rhine fortress summer 2021
  • April: European Fortress Day opens the European Fortress Summer 2021
  • April to October: BUGA 2020 in Erfurt
  • June 5, Kronach: Rosenberg Fortress celebrates Maximilian von Welsch's 350th birthday with an exciting special program and exhibition (until October)

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